7 Day Paleo Kickstart

A cholesterol reducing, healthy, sugar free, gluten free, 7 day menu plan with clear recipes, directions and a shopping list.


Hi Everyone!! Happy  holidays! I can’t believe I started Going Cavewoman 5 years ago. I first started because I wanted to learn how to build a quality website and I wanted have a place to keep all my recipes on my computer. Over the years, my followers have grown and now I have thousands of visitors every day. Thank you everyone for being so loyal.

For me, the term ‘Cavewoman’ meant eating the way we did before our food was refined, full of harmful toxins, trans fats and sugar.  I have always believed that the quality of what we eat directly determines the quality of our health. I am not totally paleo, because I have strong feelings about the morality of the beef and pork industry and the transportation of live animals. The hormones and antibiotics that are pumped into them, but also their awful lives.  I do not eat a strict paleo diet because I won’t eat red meat, and I get my protein from free range eggs, wild fish and occasionally, legumes. This works for me and this is my choice.

I wanted to plan a weekly menu that included all of my favorite recipes, some easy and some more difficult, but all delicious. I wanted to try and make cooking easier, by having the same shopping list and the same routine week after week. I also wanted to make the recipes easy to substitute beef and pork, for those of you who do include them in your diet. It is also much easier to stick to eating healthy foods if you are prepared and organized.

Well, I made a convenient plan and I wanted to share it with you…..

It is my 7 Day Paleo Kick Start menu plan. It is a week of  healthy, gluten and sugar free recipes for 7 days. It’s a great way to start eating healthy and loose weight. The recipes are so tasty, you won’t even feel like you are giving anything up. It is also very easy to substitute beef or pork in many of the recipes, for those of you who like to eat them.

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Paleo Restart - A 30 Day Paleo Menu

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Paleo Restart is one of the most popular programs on the internet. I tried it and loved it and you can read about my experiences here.

All the meals are planned with recipes, instructions and shopping lists. And you get a 300 full color cook book.

Iren - January 1, 2016

Thanks I will try this. In this year )))))

    Monica the Cavewoman - February 15, 2016

    Let me know if it works out for you Iren.

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