What To Do When Your Basil Flowers


What to do when your basil flowers
Your basil thinks it has done it’s job when it flowers and it goes into reproductive mode. You need to tell it to carry on giving you massive leaves for your salad or pesto. Pinch the flowers off when you see them, and it will keep on working for you.

You can also cut it back by half at this stage and it will just start making lots more basil leaves for you to harvest. Put the flowers in a vase and enjoy the fragrant smell of basil filling your house.

Compost Tea – An Amazing Fertilizer
If you drink tea or coffee, save the grounds in a container with a lid, and keep it covered with water (I also add all my vegetable peelings and egg shells). Keep topping up the water as you fill the jar. You can use a large glass pickle jar.  After a week, the water will be pure gold for your plants.

Make it a habit
As with everything we do, once it becomes a habit, or second nature, it’s easy to be consistent. Using compost tea will really help your plants flourish.  You just have to find a couple of containers to use. One brewing and one being filled. Find a place in your kitchen near the sink to leave your container, and pop your grits/peelings into it every day. When it’s full, I leave it in the garden to steep a little longer and then pour the liquid onto my most prized plants. Bury the remaining solids directly into the soil for added nutrition.

Anyone for tea?


Cousin Jimmy - July 5, 2014

What a great tip! In 2 weeks my basil is already responding to the deflowering you suggested. An italian, getting schooled regarding basil by a Brit no less! Cheers.
My caprese thanks you.

Cousin J

    Monica - July 5, 2014

    Cousin, You forget I am half Italian. I am so glad you are now a deflowerer. It makes all the difference and doubles the life of your plant. See you soon J Man.

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