Strawberry Cream Chocolate Cup

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Mascarpone cheese and vanilla whipped cream, fresh sweet strawberries and plump juicy blueberries in a white and dark chocolate heart cup.

This is a once a year birthday treat I threw together in just a few minutes.

I filled the cup with organic fruit, so the amount of cream I needed for each cup was just a few tablespoons. Try to find organic fruit and leave it in your kitchen to sweeten for a few days. Strawberries shouldn’t be kept in fridge if you want them to be juicy, sweet and full of flavor. Just put them in the fridge when they will spoil if left out any longer.

These cups are perfect to take to a party if you don’t have much time to make anything, but you want to take something that looks totally tempting. It is also a wonderful little treat to have for afternoon tea or on Valentine’s day.

It is sweet enough to know that you have eaten something totally indulgent, but not too wicked that you feel an uncomfortable sugar rush or gastric inflammation. The chocolate cups (including the chocolate shavings) have 8g of sugar (the shavings are included in the box with the chocolate hearts). The good news is that is gluten free!

There are no amounts in the recipe below, because all you need is to remember to use the same amount of cheese to cream. You decide how much to make depending on how many cups you want. 4oz of cream should be enough for 4 cups with plenty left over. Just make some Irish coffee with the leftovers and I am sure you will enjoy every drop.

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Strawberry Chocolate Cup
Prep time
Total time
  • ½ Mascarpone Cheese + Heavy Whipped Cream
  • Few drops vanilla
  • Stevia
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Chocolate Cups
  1. Whip cream in a large bowl or use the whisk of your kitchen aid.
  2. Add mascarpone cheese, vanilla and a touch of stevia to sweeten.
  3. Place some strawberries inside the cup and pipe a little cream mix on top.
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