Products I love 

Here are some of my all time favorite finds that I just had to share with you. I use all of them and have only recommended the things I think are really worth investing in. I get everything on Amazon Prime because you can find the best prices for whatever you need, and you can get free shipping. Amazon's customer service policy is the best bar non. I can return anything without leaving my house, and if something breaks, they replace it instantly. I have never found a store this willing to keep me so happy every time. 

I am sure you have heard me singing the praises of Amazon Prime. It costs $99 for a year but you get unlimited streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies and free 2 day shipping.You can also get Stars and Showtime for $8 per month. Sign up and give it a try and your first month is free. If you want to cancel, there is no charge. 

We gave up cable when we got this service, saving over $100 and now we get free shipping for everything we buy. We use Amazon now for 90% of our purchases. I buy fresh produce locally, but everything else from Amazon. ​

If I could give Amazon a higher rating, I would. I will never use anyone else for my purchases. 

Amazon Customer Service - The best I have ever experienced, every time.

Cordless Hoover

​My Cordless ​Hoover has to be the best thing I have bought since 2013, when I first got it. I can clean downstairs in 10 minutes now I don't have to move the cord. It goes under tables and even the couch. The head swivels in every direction so it is super easy to get to hard to reach places. There is no bag bag to fit you just empty the dust chamber. No more cords and getting behind the couch to plug it it. Just switch it on and go. It is so small I just leave it in my laundry room, ready for action any time. 

I named my perfect little hoover 'Baby WiFi'.​

This hoover gets a 5 start rating. Do not buy it from hoover. After 2 years the battery failed. I called Hoover and they said basically, I could whistle dixie. I called Amazon and had a brand new vacuum arrive at my house the very next day. When we got the second one, we got a 4 year warranty for under $8. No brainer!!

Salt and Pepper Grinder

Nothing improves your cooking like freshly ground pink salt and black pepper. These beautiful Zebrawood Grinders are works of art in my kitchen. These were my Christmas present and I loved them so much, I bought one for my mother's 70th. They are German made and yes they have precision engineering. This will be your last purchase ever of a salt and pepper grinder. 

They get a 5 star rating. These could not be improved.

Another very practical Salad Spinner to have if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I have bought so many salad spinners and inevitably, they all break within 6 months to a years. This one is lasting and works perfectly. I highly recommend this product. 

This is an excellent product, but it still only gets 4.5 stars. This is the best model of salad spinner I have purchased, but I am hoping that they come out with an even more attractive model, then it will be a 5. 

I used to have a regular 6 cup KitchenAid Food Processor. I bought this one because I wanted something I could keep in the kitchen that was easy to clean. I have been using this one for more than 7 years and I love it. I chop nuts, onions, cauliflower, you can make breadcrumbs, blend soups, make hummus, the options are endless. It's so small it can just go in one of my draws, I don't have to keep it in the garage with the popcorn maker and the blender, the dehydrator, the mason jars and the microwave.....The list is endless

This gets full marks. It's small, handy, chops perfectly, is very easy to clean and is way more useful than the larger size. 

I have had one of these Oxo Peelers for over 13 years now. I thought this was worth a mention because it is just such good quality and works so well. 

This also gets five stars for just living so long.

This really is a wonderful Ice-Cream Maker. You can get freshly made ice-cream in just 45 minutes. No freezing of the container the day before. Make 2 batches if you have a party, which you can't do when you have to freeze the bowl. It's so easy....1 Cup Milk, 1 Cup Cream, vanilla and 1/2 Cup Sugar or honey. 45 minutes later, the freshest, creamiest ice-cream out there. Throw in a heath bar (if you like it).

This gets a five star because having instant ice-cream when my daughter is here is worth every star. 

Dish Rags

I thought I would include these Dish Cloths because for under $8 for 6 dish cloths you can beat the price. They are easy to clean and dry perfectly. A great buy and they have lasted really well.

This gets a 4.75 star rating just because I would like a baby blue pattern with pink flowers for it to be perfect. If I had time, I would make a set. 

Dish Rags

We bought 2 of these Flat Screen TV's. They are awesome. I can't believe how much the price has come down and the quality gone up. We feel like we are at the movies watching this and watching sports is incredible. A great price at under $700 and of course shipping was free. This has a built in Rocu so you can watch Amazon Prime without any other equipment. 

​For the money, quality and size, this gets a 5 star rating. We started out with a bigger TV, but it was just too big. We sent it back with no questions asked and free shipping and got this smaller one. When this came we were very pleased that we changed it. Perfect.