Paleo Crab Cakes

Low carb, gluten free crunchy crab cakes, with a freshly made creamy hollandaise sauce all topped with a runny free range egg.Paleo Crab Cakes

Paleo Crab Cakes

My favorite paleo breakfast in the world is to have a crab cakes with a poached egg and some paleo hollandaise sauce on top. I just don’t think I could ever tyre of that sophisticated combo. My all time number one is Eggs Benedict with Lobster. Not paleo, but I only have this on Christmas day and in this house, Christmas is not for thinking about our health.

I usually save this delightful delicacy for special occasions, but I decided that weekends have to celebrated in every way possible. And what better way of starting out the weekend, than with your favorite breakfast?

Crab cakes by themselves are a little bland in my opinion. It’s all about the sauce that accompanies them. Hollandaise sauce is very rich and you only need a little dollop with a lovely soft poached egg, to completely change this from bland to out of this world.

Of course these are traditionally full of bread and potato, but I used cauliflower to substitute, as I have in many of my recipes. Remember that cauliflower does not have a strong flavor, so you really need to add the little extras to give your cake some oomph.

This recipe makes 15 small cakes. I froze 13 so that I don’t have to make this again for a while. They freeze very easily and are just as good as fresh.

Paleo Crab Cakes

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Paleo Crab Cakes
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 15
  • 1 Ib Crab Meat
  • 1 Cup Cauliflower* - Steamed
  • 3 Green Onions - Finely Chopped
  • ¼ Cup Paleo Mayonnaise or Regular
  • 1 Free Range Organic Pasture Egg
  • 1 tsp Dry Mustard*
  • 1 Tbs Capers*
  • 1 Lemon - Juiced
  • 1 Cup Fresh Parsley - Chopped*
  • 3 Cloves Garlic - Crushed or 1 Tbs Garlic Powder*
  • Pinch Cayenne Pepper*
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • * Optional
  1. Steam cauliflower and in a large bowl, smash into crumbs with a fork.
  2. Mix remaining ingredients into bowl.
  3. Drop into a round cookie cutter on a baking tray covered with parchment paper.
  4. Bake at 350F until firm 15-20 minutes. To make them crispy on the edge and browned.....
  5. In a skillet on med-high heat, melt some heat stable oil - Coconut, ghee
  6. When the oil is hot, place 2-3 cakes in pan and cook for 2 minutes on each side until golden brown.
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Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Hollandaise
Serves: 2
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 1 Tbs Water
  • Few Drops Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 4 oz Ghee - Room Temp
  • 1 Pinch Cayenne Pepper
  • Freshly Ground Salt and White Pepper
  1. To Make Hollandaise Sauce
  2. Whisk Yolks, lemon juice and water in a pan.
  3. Very lightly cook eggs on low, whisking constantly, until thick. 1½ - 2 minutes. Keep taking the pan off the heat so the eggs don't cook too quickly.
  4. Slowly add small blobs of ghee and whisk. Let ghee fully absorb before you add more.

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