Interview with Jennifer from The Skinny Chef

Last week, I was honored to be granted an interview with the beautiful and talented, Jennifer Iserloh, author of  The Skinny Chef. jennifer_iserloh235


Every week, I receive an email from The Skinny Chef, packed with helpful information about weight loss and healthy eating.  The recipes are easy and delicious and most of the ingredients are already in my kitchen.  Jennifer tries to help us use every day, nutritious foods that we can incorporate into our regular weekly menu’s. The recipes are designed to show us how to live a more healthy life, and there are tons of tips and time saving ideas.

Here’s what Jennifer said when I asked her what The Skinny Chef was all about…

” The Skinny Chef philosophy is that great nutrition and delicious meals should come from the same place, your own kitchen!  That’s why cooking at home is so important to me. You can create tasty meals made with superfoods, like broccoli, kale and spinach- they are super charged when it come to nutrition and can be made into mouth watering fair- like skinny chef chicken enchiladas, tacos, and burgers for example “.

What lead you to create the Skinny Chef website?

” The site originally was a way to stay in touch with friends and former co-workers as I went through culinary school- I could simply blog and share my experiences without having to send separate emails.  Going to school and working in restaurant kitchens at night was crazy busy!


How much time per day do you spend finding material for your website? Or perhaps you have a team to do this now.

” Goodness I wish I had a team!  My site is my passion, even though some day it’s hard to find the time when I’m working as writer for other companies, but it’s my way of doing something fun (and free) for people who want to eat better, and enjoy the process. 
I work as hard now as I did when I started out, but now I write about new health research that interests me or answer questions from readers by blogging. “

Do you take your own photo’s for the blog and cook the recipes?

Yes, I created all the recipes and the photography is my original work as well.  Food photography is one of my fun hobbies, and some of my photos have appeared in magazines.  Hopefully some day I’ll have the time to take some photography courses, but for now I feel it’s good enough.

What do you enjoy most about your life as a celebrity?

” Teaching, meeting new people.  I get embarrassed when someone says I’m a celeb, but if they learn how to cook something healthy and tasty then they have made my day! “

Do you have any advice for the new blogs that are trying to become a success like Skinny Chef?

” You’ve got to be consistent ( post weekly ) and be original.  If you have a full time job like the rest of us, be prepared to stay up a few late nights and work weekends, but hey- when you’re that passionate about it, you’ll look forward to doing it. Also don’t be afraid to be yourself, that’s what makes blogging so fascinating – we can all learn from each other and dazzle people with our unique sense of creativity. “


Jennifer clearly has a passion for what she does and is very skilled at it.  Her website is so professional looking, I was sure she had a giant team doing all her wonderful photography and layout.  No! She does it all herself.  She is an artist.


If you would like to visit her website, just click here…..The Skinny Chef .

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