Home Made Paneer Cheese

Paneer 1000
The most delicous, creamy curry I have ever made was Paneer Butter Marsala.  A mild, creamy, slightly nutty curry with soft, paneer cheese as the main ingredient. You can buy paneer cheese from any Indian market, but it is expensive. It is so easy to make yourself, and tastes so fresh, it is well worth making your own.

Here’s how to make your own Paneer Cheese.

2 Liters of Whole Milk
2-3 Tbs Lemon Juice or Vinegar
Heavy Object

Boil 2 Liters of Whole Milk (gently, so it doesn’t burn on the bottom).
When it boils, add 1-3 Tbs vinegar or Lemon Juice.
It will then curdle. If it doesn’t, add more Lemon or vinegar.
Take off heat. Pour off whey (the liquid) and put curds (solids) into muslin and squeeze out remaining liquid.
Put something heavy on top, for 40 minutes to press.
Place on chopping board and cut into cubes.



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