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Magic Mexican Style Pickled Carrots

When I eat Mexican food in a restaurant, the thing I enjoy the most are the carrots, but hesitate to eat them because I know they are not organic.   I Decided it was time to make my own so that I could enjoy them whenever I want.  They are low calorie, fat free, naturally […]


Low Calorie Italian White Beans

Start Out Right Every Monday is diet Monday in this house. It feels like it starts the week out proper like. It brings us back to a place where we know we should be with our diet at our age ( closer to 50 than 45).  Low calorie, healthy and nutritious. It’s like there is […]


Chickpea Channa Masala

A low calorie, mildly spiced lunch or dinner idea, made in one pot and super easy. You can serve this with a gluten free naan for a healthy flavorful dish. Bursting with taste this can also be served with rice or quinoa. Put a little dollop of yogurt ( vegan if desired) and a side […]


Rosemary Roasted Garlic Potato Wedges

Everyone’s favorite…….. Potatoes.  Mashed, roasted, fried or boiled. If you love them, you will love this easy recipe. When You Just Have to Have Fries When you fancy something salty and crunchy, nothing beats these potato wedges. If you feel like some shoe string fries, check out this recipe…Low Calorie Curly Fries. The Best Marinara […]


Rutabaga – A Low Carb Alternative

Rutabaga, from the Swedish word Rotabagge, meaning root, is only 50 calories for 1 cup, ( 116 calories for potatoes ). You can cook and serve it just as you would potatoes. Mash it or cube it.  Everything you do with potatoes, you can do with rutabaga. In England, we call it swede and it […]


Crispy Peruvian Patatas With Paprika Sauce

The three staples of Peruvian cuisine are corn, potatoes and chilli peppers, although they have many influences from Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Italian cultures. This delightful dish is crunchy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside.  It can easily be served as a side to a main dish or a stand alone […]


The Tree of Life Low Calorie Cauliflower Roast

A tasty way of eating cauliflower. Roasted with garlic and onions and thyme. Are you always trying to find quick and easy way’s of making healthy, low calorie vegetable lunches?  This one looks very pretty, but only takes a few minutes to prepare. You can served it with a fresh salad and my balsamic salad […]


Garlic Greek Potatoes

An easy dish to make and quite delicious if you like potatoes. I spent many holidays in my youth, cycling round the islands in Greece and had many a dish with potatoes just like these.  Potatoes and eggplant with everything! What a hospitable nation. Everyone I met on my travels wanted me to stay with […]


Stuffed Onion with Orange and Lemon Zest

These herb, citrus infused onions are the perfect accompaniment to a Thanksgiving  feast. Rather than contribute to the mass slaughter of 45 million turkeys every Thanksgiving, I like to serve these tasty delights with roasted garlic mashed potato, crispy rosemary roast potatoes, roasted parsnips, honey glazed carrots, minted petitis pois, buttered green beans, chestnut brussel […]


Chard with Garlic and Sweet Caramelized Onion

Chard is considered to be one of the healthiest and most nutritious vegetables available. It’s dark green leaves have 13 different polyphenol antioxidants, vitamins A, K and C, and is also rich in minerals ( especially iron), dietary fiber and protein. Chard has also been researched for it’s blood sugar regulating properties. The flavonoid Syringic […]


Sun Dried Tomato Marinara

You can easily make 4 times the recipe and have this rich tomato marinara sauce when ever you need it. Just pop it in some mason jars. All the subtle flavors of the Mediterranean, fresh tomato, oregano, basil olive oil and a hint of garlic.  Eat on vegetables, with pasta or pizza or just dip […]


Organic Pickled Beets

Beets are quite  low in calories, 45/100g.  The  nutritional benefits come  from fiber, vitamins, minerals, and unique plant derived anti-oxidants.  This root is also rich source of photochemical compound, Glycine betaine, which lowers homocysteine levels in the blood (high levels of homocystiene in the blood can lead to coronary heart disease).  Beets also contain significant […]


Roasted Rosemary Ratatouille

As  cold earth sleeps below and wind and rain rage with madness above, while spring beckons, sit then, quietly….. in patience and at length, summer does come. The perfect bold and hearty meal.  Rosemary, garlic and tomato infusing together to delight the senses.   Perfect for dark snowy days and long cold winter nights by the […]

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