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Black Bean Soup with Chipotle Chili Yogurt

This is a very filling, earthy, low calorie soup that is packed with flavor.  This soup is reminiscent of Latin American cuisine, spicy and robust, with garlic tomato and a mild chili pepper.   Just throw it in the pot and you have a thick, healthy tasty meal in a few hours.  I have a […]


Soup Secrets and Skinny Shallot Soup

The Secret of Great Soup The flavor of a soup is largely dependent on the stock. If you just use the pre-made cartons from the store, they are expensive and have very little flavor.  Get the stock cubes or paste  and use then with water, for a much richer flavor. Better Than Bouillon is a […]


Salmon Chowder

Lots of ingredients, but really quite an easy dish to make.  Very rich, creamy and thick. As good as any chowder from any restaurant. This really is a delicious soup. Tip:  Carrot, celery and onion diced is called Mirepoix. A number of stores now sell this pre chopped. I buy it in Trader Joes sometimes.  […]


French Onion Soup

Low Calorie This soup is low calorie and gluten free. It is made with vegetarian chicken stock instead of beef stock, so it is vegan (if you don’t add the cheese) and very healthy.  An easy, low cost luncheon dish. It  originated from 18th century France and was eaten by the poorest classes.  It has […]


Easy Lentil Soup

Lentil soup! A bowl full of goodness and taste. If you want something filing, warming, easy to make and super delicious and low calorie, try this yummy recipe. It’s so good!!


Low Calorie Italian Chicken Sausage Soup

This soup is so low calorie that you could eat it all day long and not worry. If I am detoxing, this is a great go to,  to drop the pounds, cleanse the colon and get back to the basics. It stops the hunger pangs and after a bowl or two, you will not be […]


Gourmet Turkey Chilli

Another Turkey Chilli Recipe.  Why is this one any different? Well the bouillon cubes give it a richness of flavor that I find most other recipes lack. If it’s too hot,  all you can taste is the heat and your mouth goes numb.   This chilli is rich and flavorful but low fat and healthy. When […]

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