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Everyday Low Calorie Mint Pesto

Oil free, nut free, low calorie mint pesto, for every day. Mint is such an easy herb to grow. Even if you don’t have much time or space, you can grow mint. It grows profusely and requires very little attention. It doesn’t even need much sun. In fact, if it has too much sun the […]


Black Rice Burrito Bowl

Black Rice Burrito Bowl Organic Spring Lettuce, black beans, black rice, grated cheese, avocado, white sauce, cucumber, red bell pepper and fresh tomato salsa.  You can add or delete anything you want.  I added diced zucchini and Cherry tomatoes. Dinner For Tomorrow Once you have the ingredients for this, it is so easy to make […]


Creamy Cauliflower Canape

Cauliflower Recipes Another delicious but healthy addition to my cauliflower collection. Thick, creamy, cheesy and garlicky, this dip is smooth and delicious. I wanted to have some cheat food for my birthday celebrations, but I don’t like to get too far off track.  I love to eat cheese, but I rarely indulge because it […]


3 Minute Pickles

Beneficial for Your Gut Fermented foods have been eaten by many cultures for centuries.  They are foods that go through the lacto-fermentaion process to preserve it, like yoghurt (not the processed sugar filled, dead yogurts found in the store), Kombucha Tea, Sauerkraut, Beets and Pickled Carrots. The results are foods rich in wonderful beneficial bacteria or enzymes, […]


How to Make Roast Parsnips

The Great British Roast I don’t hear about people eating parsnips that much here in America. In England, you will find them on the plate, every Sunday, with the great ‘British Sunday Roast’.  Roast potatoes, roast parsnips, brussels , peas and carrots, Yorkshire pudding and a thick brown gravy. Not a high calorie gravy, full […]


Potato Dauphinoise

The Arrival I was looking for  dish to feed my father when he arrives with my, hansom, humorous brother from England ( 36 and single ladies ).  It’s going to be 8pm when they finally land at my door, so I didn’t want a heavy meal or something too strongly flavored. Fish has to be […]


British Branston Pickle

Thankful for What I Have I have been asked many times, “What do you miss about England?”. My reply is always the same, “I don’t waste my time thinking about what I haven’t got.  I am too busy being totally amazed at what I have got”. Life here in California is very different to the […]


Eggplant Pizzas

Not Ratatouille I was looking for a recipe in which to use my beautiful eggplants. I had decided to make an Italian ratatouille dish, but then I had the bright idea of using sliced eggplant as a pizza base. Deadly Nightshade Eggplant, from the nightshade family, was first grown in the wilds of India in […]


Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo

A highly nutritious alternative to cheesy, high calorie, high fat, Alfredo sauce.  Serve over spaghetti squash or pasta or steamed vegetables.  I had mine over steamed broccoli, carrots and french beans.  Perfect.   You can also make this vegan by using almond milk. Nutritional yeast has a cheesy taste and can be added to the sauce […]


Cousin Jimmy’s Italian Mozzarella Salad

Gluten Free for me Please Cousin Jimmy and lovely wife Joan put on a wonderful spread for us on our recent visit to Connecticut.  They made sure there was plenty of gluten free fare for us to eat and made this delicious fresh mozzarella salad and some BBQ grilled zucchini from their garden.   How […]


Roasted Cauliflower Bake

This was a surprisingly tasty dish considering how little time it took to make. Main or Side This can be a main course or side vegetable dish. In England we call this cauliflower cheese and we add white sauce and cheese. It is delicious but loaded with calories.  I have always made this light version. […]


Low Calorie Shrimp and Artichoke Cocktail

A fresh, cool, low calorie salad for those long hot summer days. It makes a wonderful starter for any dinner party or just treat yourself to a low calorie, healthy, delicious lunch.  Serve with black bean tortilla chips and a crisp cold white wine. Oh yes, summer is here. 8 oz Shrimp – Chopped 1 […]


Tim’s Big Salad

My husband wanted me to take a picture of his lunch. This is what he gets on most days now, and I just vary the protein.  It is low calorie and very healthy, full of veggies and pretty easy to throw together ( if you prepare a bunch of things and store them in an […]

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