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Gluten Free Apple-Cherry Crumble

  This tasty, easy fruit pie is Paleo friendly, sugar free, gluten free and totally scrumptious. To help make the crumble topping, you can put the almond meal and butter into the fridge in the bowl to make it nice and cold.  You may also want to put a little honey into the fruit depending […]


Roasted Rosemary Ratatouille

As  cold earth sleeps below and wind and rain rage with madness above, while spring beckons, sit then, quietly….. in patience and at length, summer does come. The perfect bold and hearty meal.  Rosemary, garlic and tomato infusing together to delight the senses.   Perfect for dark snowy days and long cold winter nights by the […]


Gluten Free, Sugar Free Almond Cookies

So easy and so sweet.  If you want a healthy, unprocessed cookie treat, then this is the best. Nutty and sweet, but no sugar or wheat flour to bog you down, and it only takes a few minutes to throw together. Serve with a piping hot cup Earl Grey Tea on a cold, wet afternoon. […]


Spinach and Mushroom Breakfast Egg Cups

You can prepare this the night before and make enough for 2 meals. Perfect for a Christmas breakfast or if guests are coming to stay. Just leave it in all ready to go a bowl in the fridge and then pop into the oven in the morning. This can be chopped  in the food processor and […]

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