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Brazil Nut Milk

It’s so Easy I didn’t realize that making your own nut milk was so easy. All you have to do with this recipe is soak, blend and strain. This is a thick, creamy, nutty replacement for cow milk.  Lots of people have a lactose intolerance and feel all kinds of sick when they drink milk. […]


Vegan Broccoli Burger

  I just took this  mammoth, delicious, vegan burger in a ciabatta bun, round to my Ex husband and his wife. To dress it, I put veganaise, mustard, pickles, heirloom tomato, sliced red onion, black garlic and sun-dried tomato.  His wife has been in labor with my future step daughter for 2 1/2 weeks now. […]


How to Charcoal Grill the Perfect Tuna Steak

How To Cook the Perfect Tuna Steak Here in San Diego, we don’t usually need AC, but for 6 weeks a year, we suffer from the torching 85 degree temps. We get only the mildest of sea breezes at night, and we are forced to jump into the pool when we get too hot, when […]


Vegan White Bean Soup

Make it Easy You can often get pre chopped moix pois (onion, carrot and celery) if you look. I get it at Trader Joe’s. If you can get this pre chopped start to almost every soup, the rest is a breeze. No Soak There really is no need to soak the beans if you are […]


Crusiferous Crunch With Walnuts and Feta

Don’t Worry, Be Happy You can’t spend your life worrying about getting sick, but if you are informed, you can eat delicious foods that can help you to stay healthy. Cruciferous vegetables have been studied by scientists and they have found that the inclusion of this food group (5 servings or more a week), will […]


Zucchini and Feta Bake

Use it up I had feta cheese left over from my Feta and Olive Salad.  I also had some organic zucchini, and red onion already sliced.  I threw it all together and this is what I came up with. When you have no time and you want to serve a tasty home made dish, give […]


Creamy Coconut and Tomato Tofu

Marinate It Like so many, I am not really a big fan of tofu.  It is best to eat soy in moderation considering the health factors related to it’s over consumption. Many of us just don’t know how to make tofu taste really good. It is very bland and tasteless, but is basically a big sponge that […]


Clam and Wild Cod Chowder

Go for it! If I am going to make something that is higher calorie and rich, I go for it and put all the good stuff into it. Heavy cream, milk, butter, cheese, and I make it a special treat, only to be eaten occasionally. 36 Hour Fasting We have been training for our mountain […]


Paleo Cauliflower & Walnut Stuffed Squash

Detox Tonight is the start of our 3 day fast, starting at 9pm on Thursday and finishing at 9pm on Sunday. After having cervical cancer when I was 22, I decided never to use bleached women’s products again, and to detox on a regular basis. If you like to eat but you want to detox, […]


Greek Feta and Olive Salad

Fast and Easy If I want to serve something that takes me just a few minutes, but tastes totally fabulous, I serve this dish. Chop some cheese and basil, open a can of olives, crush some garlic and you are away. You can make this dish well in advance or throw it together just before you […]


Chicken Fajitas

Easy and Fast I needed to knock something up really quickly and at the same time use up some bell peppers. I always keep a bag of gluten free tortillas in the freezer, so this was the perfect dish. I served it with some store bought salsa and made enough to mix some with a salad […]


Grilled Chicken with Lemon & Pineapple Salsa & Yoghurt Sauce

We Can Do Anything We Choose To Do My latest project has been to build a ‘Kitchen Carry’ for our teardrop trailer. A tailor made wooden box with draws and cupboards for all my camping kitchen needs.  I simply drew up the plans with the dimensions of the carry, Popped down to Lowes, and within […]


Black Rice Burrito Bowl

Black Rice Burrito Bowl Organic Spring Lettuce, black beans, black rice, grated cheese, avocado, white sauce, cucumber, red bell pepper and fresh tomato salsa.  You can add or delete anything you want.  I added diced zucchini and Cherry tomatoes. Dinner For Tomorrow Once you have the ingredients for this, it is so easy to make […]


Black Rice and Roasted Rainbow Carrots

Black Rice Black rice is actually bright purple once it is cooked.  It has a uniquely nutty flavor and a chewy texture. It has more anti-oxidants than blueberries and has 18 amino acids, iron, zinc, copper and carotene. A delicious superfood. You can cook it until it becomes thick and slightly mushy and it resembles risotto (I cook it this […]


Cauliflower Crust Hot Pockets

You Are What You Eat I am always trying to find healthy recipes for my daughter. I want her to grow up eating the foods that can help to avoid many cancers and all those degenerative diseases that can be caused by poor diet choices.  We all know what they are by now. It’s not fail […]

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