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Breakfast Pizza

Us Brit’s love our breakfast. It’s the best meal of the day. When I was asked to make a breakfast pizza, I thought it sounded ridiculous.  How could eggs taste good on a pizza?  To my complete amazement, they really do. This was so good. It is my new ‘weekend breakfast treat’.  If you like […]


Beautiful Breakfast

A simple but highly nutritious and totally delicious, healthy, natural breakfast. Eat every morning and get all your fruits and vegetables in one meal. This breakfast will start your day with 2-3 servings of the 5 fruits and veggies you need per day. What is one serving?  1 small apple, 1 banana, 1 large orange, […]


Sugar Free Berry Parfait with Honey Roasted Almonds

7 Raw Almonds a Day The one dessert I have consistently eaten for the past 30 years, is berries, nuts and yogurt. I always have these three items in my kitchen, and they are healthy, low calorie, nutritious foods. Every day, I have at least 7 raw almonds. Here are just a few of the […]


Low Calorie Sausage and Mushroom Frittata

Garden Zucchini I have more zucchini in my garden, than I can eat, already, and it’s only May.  I am always trying to think of ways of using them in my recipes. This is one way of getting lots of tasty vegetables for breakfast, whist keeping the calories down. You can also add a sprinkle […]


Gluten Free French Bread

This was not a hit for me. I usually make heavy breads, with nuts and seeds, that fill you up for hours with just one slice.  This was as expected, light and very white.  The crust was nice and crunchy. I made the mistake of slicing it almost as soon as it came out of […]


How to Make Easy Gluten Free Bread Sticks and Jalapeno Dinner rolls!

Garlic Bread-Sticks Don’t Worry, It’s easy The thing that takes the time with these bread recipes, is waiting for the yeast to activate, and for the bread to rise. The rest is just throwing the ingredients in the bowl.  I only use wet and dry bowls now and the actual work (not the waiting) only […]


Gluten free Bread Rolls with Wild Rice and Nuts

It’s So Good For You This is a heavy, crunchy, nutty bread that fills you up to the brim.  It is full of good fats and fiber and protein. Wild rice is rich in B vitamins and helps to clean your colon as it passes through. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of vitamin E […]


Sweet Potato Pancake with Poached Egg

Love Sundays Time to enjoy the roses. A day to kick back in bed all morning,  drink freshly pressed dark roast French coffee, read the paper (love the fact that it is on-line now) and not feel guilty about switching off from all the daily responsibilities. A day of rest. Most people have a pretty […]


Gluten Free Chia and Nut Bread

This is a heavy, crunchy, nutty bread that fills you up to the brim. I have a slice with an egg, grilled tomato and mushrooms for breakfast, and it holds me until lunch without a single hunger pang.  It is full of good fats and fiber. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of vitamin E […]


Banana Porridge with Pomegranate and Blueberries

Porridge was traditionally a food eaten in Europe and Russia.  Originally it was served as a savory dish and meats, root vegetables and herbs were added  for flavor.  It was cooked in a metal kettle over coals or heated by adding hot stones from the fire until it was boiling hot.  Before bread was introduced […]


Gluten Free Breakfast Eggs & Smoked Salmon

Fresh free range Eggs with smoked salmon, crispy potatoes, tomatoes and a steaming hot cup of tea. Delightful. A perfect way to start the weekend.  You can make baked potatoes the night before for dinner, and then use the extras to make these crunchy breakfast potatoes.  This gluten free breakfast is an ideal way to […]


Crispy Peruvian Patatas With Paprika Sauce

The three staples of Peruvian cuisine are corn, potatoes and chilli peppers, although they have many influences from Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Italian cultures. This delightful dish is crunchy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside.  It can easily be served as a side to a main dish or a stand alone […]


Green Chile and Jalapeno Breakfast Bake

This dish has as as little or as much heat as you want.  Jalapeño’s have all their heat in the seeds and the membrane. So you can remove all or some of them, depending on how much heat you like. For a medium heat, leave the seeds in half a jalapeño and scrape the rest. […]


Gluten Free Italian Breakfast Cups

Sweet onion, with a free range egg in the center and topped with melted cheese. You can serve this with garlic, sautéed mushrooms and Fresh Tomato slices.  A really delicious Italian flavored breakfast cup and very easy to make. If you like sweet onion, you will love these. Paleo Some people like to have a […]


Quinoa Crunch with Dates and Persimmons

This is for all the environmentally aware flower children, tree-hugger,  left-winged, socially aware and active, queer or queer-positive, anti-oppressive ( racially, sexually, gender, class, age or religion ), who buy organic and gluten…sugar free everything, and enjoys a natural life with cotton fibers and flax oil every day, who tries not to eat animal flesh, […]

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