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Caramelized Onion Chipotle Gouda Breakfast Baskets

I am making some food for my lovely neighbor who is having surgery. I wanted something different and a bit special, to make her convalescence more tolerable, and something her husband would really enjoy. They are so easy to please, they just love everything I make and even if I mess up, they are so […]


Paleo Poached Egg with Trumpet Mushrooms

 A healthy base of shaved brussels sprouts with sweet onion, slices of crispy bacon topped with a runny poached egg cooked to perfection, with soft juicy baby tomatoes and chewy trumpet mushrooms. 


Paleo Spinach Latkes

Buttery, tasty and perfectly crispy potato pancakes with a delicate hint of thyme. Good enough to serve to guests or as an everyday breakfast or lunch.


Bubble & Squeak (Leftover Mash and Greens)

The first recipe for Bubble and Squeak was found in the early 1800’s, but it became most popular during WW2 due to rationing. It is the perfect way to use up the leftovers from a traditional roast dinner. It is just a combination of potato and greens.


Paleo Zucchini Burger

These burgers can be served as a side vegetable to a main dish, or used as the main part of the meal. If you are a burger lover, serve in a gluten free bun with sliced onion, tomato, pickle, mustard and veganaise. Or you can put them between two slices of sweet potato. If you […]


Paleo Butternut Breakfast Cups

We are off to Le Marche in Italy to meet my father and brother for a week. We are staying in a remote chateau, nestled in a valley full of olive trees and a view of the ocean. It has a lovely a big kitchen so we will be cooking up a storm. I want […]


Paleo Breakfast Patties

Another tasty paleo breakfast recipe for you to try. Lots of healthy veggies and you can serve these patties with anything you like. A great way to use up all your summer squash.


Vegan Chia Oatmeal Breakfast Scone With Strawberries

This is another version of my Sugar Free Berry Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins.  I recently completed a 6 week woodworking class and had to leave the house by 7.30am every morning. These were the perfect, healthy, sugar free scone for me to take for breakfast. They didn’t leave me crashing from sugar, and kept me full until […]


Paleo Sugar Free Berry Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins

So Convenient  Slow cooked oatmeal is so good, but it really is only good for a few hours after it is cooked. If you love oatmeal and you love apple pie, you must try this delicious recipe….Crock Pot Breakfast Apple Pie Oats. These sugar free, fat free muffins are an easy and delicious way to […]


Black Rice Dark Chocolate Apple Walnut Oatmeal

Smells So Good This one is for you cousin Jimmy. No fuss, super easy and a sweet heavenly smell to greet you in the morning. superfood, anti-oxidant rich, sweet chocolate, healthy, low calorie, filling breakfast oatmeal. This recipe is made with black rice for added anti-oxidants, 18 amino acids, iron, zinc, copper, carotene and a ton […]


Crock Pot Breakfast Apple Pie Oats

A filling, healthy, sweet, low calorie, protein packed, apple pie flavored breakfast. Just throw all the ingredients into the crock pot, and let the aroma of apples, cinnamon and vanilla, fill the house.  Here is my favorite black rice version, Black Rice Dark Chocolate Apple Walnut Oatmeal.  You can use milk or Almond Milk (only 30 […]


Low Calorie Spanish Breakfast Eggs and Kale

If you are on a quest for serving healthy, vegetable rich, sugar free, flour free, unprocessed breakfasts,  this recipe is perfect. I am trying to base my diet on paleo, but I use legumes instead of red meat. It works for me and it means my vegan daughter can join in. For the strict paleo’s, […]


Eggs Benedict with Lobster

Christmas Breakfast For Christmas breakfast this year, we are having Lobster Eggs Benedict (you can use crab).  A light, sophisticated and totally decadent way to celebrate this most sacred of days. A bowling Ball in my Gut Last year I made the mistake of serving some cinnamon buns that were given to us. We don’t usually […]


Gluten Free Cinnamon Buns

I wouldn’t usually dream of serving these to my family, but I was asked to come up with a gluten free recipe for  cinnamon buns, that didn’t taste gluten free.  My daughter’s eye’s popped out when she saw them.   Mum, making cinnamon buns!!  What happened to the spinach juice she is always making me […]


Gluten Free, Ancient Grain Cinnamon Buns

Not my Cup Of Tea I was asked to make some gluten free cinnamon buns, by a company who supplies amongst others, universal studios.  I don’t like making things made out of dough, especially if it has sugar in the recipe,  but I was excited to make a recipe that would be eaten by so […]

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