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Cavewoman Wrap-Breads

A light, eggy, green onion flavor wrap that can be used for breakfast or lunch. Ideal if you want something bread like, without the calories, carbs or the gluten.


Does Paleo Restart Work?

I get a lot of emails asking me about how to start to eat a more healthy diet, so I decided to write this review.  I often send them to my 3 Day Detox Plan, but some people want something longer than 3 days, and easier to prepare than mine. My diet is very healthy […]


Paleo Cioppino

Did you ever cook something that you really didn’t think would work, and then it totally blows your mind at how well it came out? Well this is one of those recipes. I know this will be something I will make on a regular basis.   I have finally found something delicious and super easy, that I […]


Paleo Sweet Potato Mousse

A thick, sweet, chocolatey mousse style dessert that promises to nourish you and leave you satisfied. Nasty I had the misfortune of trying a spoonful of chocolate pudding from Von’s, and I found it impossible to actually swallow because it was so totally disgusting. It tasted like I had ingested bug spray. It had a […]


Paleo, Raw Ranch Dressing

A creamy and very tasty vegan recipe made with cashew nuts. Garlic and citrus and parsley in a creamy dressing. New Year – The Best Time to Start a Cleanse The new year is here again and the perfect opportunity to get back on track with a clean healthy diet. I like to start out […]

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