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Paleo Carrot and Parsnip Soup

Thick, healthy, low calorie, easy to make and filling. Full of anti-oxidants, good for your eyes and skin and just delicious.


Paleo Tomato Soup

A delightfully fresh, tomato soup that can be served cold in the summer or  frozen and served piping hot for those cold winter days. If you have an abundance of tomatoes, this is a heavenly way of using them up.  Another delicious tomato recipe is my Sun Dried Marinara Sauce.


Creamy Paleo Black Pepper Chicken with Cilantro Lime Sauce

An easy but healthy chicken recipe. Full of flavor, creamy and so tender. Another easy but tasty recipe to add to your repertoire.  Although this has heavy cream in the recipe, it is actually very low calorie. The cream only adds 75 calories per person. I don’t think chicken lends itself to anything better than […]


Paleo Chicken Taco’s

Free range organic chicken in a paleo, grain free taco with fresh cool cucumber and lemon salsa. Make at least double the recipe because you are sure to want these again. I made extra cucumber salad and put shrimp and extra lemon into it. It was our evening meal the following night. I just discovered […]


Chicken Salad Nori Wrap

Low calorie, healthy and delicious. Chicken salad and raw vegetables in a super food seaweed wrap. I love to use seaweed in my recipes. It’s a super food which means there is nothing better for you, it’s gluten free, virtually calorie free, zero carb, ready made and I just can’t find anything healthier on the […]


Paleo Breakfast Eggplant Stacks

A healthy paleo breakfast with layers of tender eggplant and sweet ripe organic tomatoes, topped with a free range egg. Serve with a chicken sausage for extra protein.


Paleo Crab Cakes

Low carb, gluten free crunchy crab cakes, with a freshly made creamy hollandaise sauce all topped with a runny free range egg.


Paleo Mushroom Soup

A healthy, easy to make, super low calorie and delicious soup. Serve year round hot, warm or chilled.

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