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Home-Made Sweet Paprika BBQ Sauce

Summer is in full swing now and aren’t you loving being outside and cooking. No more slaving over a hot stove. Just slaving over a hot grill!! Today’s recipe, is my own version version of barbecue sauce.  There are so many different kinds of BBQ sauces out there.  Basically, all you need, is vinegar, tomato […]


Summer Lime and Ginger Detox Soup

A deliciously fresh lime and spicy ginger summer, soup to help you detox and lose weight. So light and so full of flavor. You can really taste how healthy it is. Here is a delightful soup, especially for all those of you who thought soups were just for the winter. It is light and fresh […]


Paleo Chicken Salad Bagel with Roasted Baby Bells

Sometimes you just want a toasted bagel and nothing else will do. Here is a paleo friendly, gluten free version that takes just a few minutes to make. Serve it with chicken salad for lunch or a poached egg for breakfast.


Paleo Poached Egg with Trumpet Mushrooms

 A healthy base of shaved brussels sprouts with sweet onion, slices of crispy bacon topped with a runny poached egg cooked to perfection, with soft juicy baby tomatoes and chewy trumpet mushrooms. 


Blue Crab Chipotle Bisque

Wow. This bisque is amazing. It’s perfect for a special occasion when you want to impress, or for a weekend treat. Rich and decadent, with cream and brandy, but so low calorie, you can eat it anytime. Only takes 40 minutes to make. Yummy scrummy.


Paleo Roast Chicken with Vegetables

Succulent, tender roasted chicken with a hint of garlic, lemon and rosemary with plenty of leftovers for lunch and a chicken soup in the bargain. Throw it all in the same pan and bake!! An easy one pot Paleo recipe. 


Paleo Spinach Latkes

Buttery, tasty and perfectly crispy potato pancakes with a delicate hint of thyme. Good enough to serve to guests or as an everyday breakfast or lunch.


Raw Paleo Pizza Chips

Crunchy cauliflower pizza flavor chips. Who ever thought raw, healthy vegetables could taste so good?


7 Day Paleo Kickstart

A cholesterol reducing, healthy, sugar free, gluten free, 7 day menu plan with clear recipes, directions and a shopping list.


Paleo, Vegan Onion Cream

A creamy, Sweet, healthy, low calorie onion puree. Add it to soups, meats or vegetables for total deliciousness.

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