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Paleo Cauliflower Mash

Creamy, cheesy mashed cauliflower that tastes just like a big bowl of mashed potato. Comfort food at it’s best. 


Paleo Poached Egg Pancake

A cauliflower based, thin pancake like flatbread that is perfect to fill with your favorite breakfast eggs, sausages or turkey bacon. Full of vegetables and nice and crunchy on the edges.


5 Cauliflower Recipes

Gluten free buns, perfect for breakfast. Healthy, full of nuts and made from a vegetable. Delicious toasted and topped with a runny poached egg.


7 Healthy Super Bowl Recipe Ideas

Happy Super Bowl to you all. We don’t have cable and we won’t be watching it, but I will be thinking of the more than one hundred and eleven million sport lovers that will be screaming and crying on Super Bowl Sunday. I can never remember if it’s basketball or baseball. But one thing I […]


Cauliflower Bites

In the continuing search for healthy but delicious cauliflower recipes, here are my Cauliflower Bites. They have a crunchy outside with a cheesy, herby center. I was going to take a beautiful picture for you, but I wasn’t fast enough. People got to them first. If you go to the store to buy steel wool […]


Cauliflower Crust Hot Pockets

You Are What You Eat I am always trying to find healthy recipes for my daughter. I want her to grow up eating the foods that can help to avoid many cancers and all those degenerative diseases that can be caused by poor diet choices.  We all know what they are by now. It’s not fail […]


Creamy Cauliflower Canape

Cauliflower Recipes Another delicious but healthy addition to my cauliflower collection. Thick, creamy, cheesy and garlicky, this dip is smooth and delicious. I wanted to have some cheat food for my birthday celebrations, but I don’t like to get too far off track.  I love to eat cheese, but I rarely indulge because it […]


Salmon and Spinach Cauliflower Potato Burgers

Healthy but Comfort Food I was trying to think of a healthy dish for my husband and I to take camping with us. I want something special and a treat, but not too far off our dairy free, low calorie diet. We are training for a hike to the top of Rabbit Peak, in Anzo […]


Zero Calorie Tabbouleh

All the tasty fresh flavors of tabbouleh, olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, mint and garlic, without the calories.


Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo

A highly nutritious alternative to cheesy, high calorie, high fat, Alfredo sauce.  Serve over spaghetti squash or pasta or steamed vegetables.  I had mine over steamed broccoli, carrots and french beans.  Perfect.   You can also make this vegan by using almond milk. Nutritional yeast has a cheesy taste and can be added to the sauce […]


Roasted Cauliflower Bake

This was a surprisingly tasty dish considering how little time it took to make. Main or Side This can be a main course or side vegetable dish. In England we call this cauliflower cheese and we add white sauce and cheese. It is delicious but loaded with calories.  I have always made this light version. […]


Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Another way to prepare this cancer preventing,  white fluffy cloud, cruciferous, Brassicaceae family vegetable. So versatile.  It can be mashed like potato, crumbled like breadcrumbs, made into flat-bread, pizza bases, stir fried,  steamed in florets or baked whole.  There are so many ways to serve cauliflower. Here is my popular party cauliflower recipe, Low Calorie Crunchy […]

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