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Paleo Turkey Taco Balls

These balls are delicious as a protein snack to have with a big fresh salad or to use in a soup, like my Wedding Soup with kelp Noodles. I also made them into finger food for Super Bowl, and served them with a Sweet Paprika BBQ Sauce. Of course they can be eaten in a […]


7 Healthy Super Bowl Recipe Ideas

Happy Super Bowl to you all. We don’t have cable and we won’t be watching it, but I will be thinking of the more than one hundred and eleven million sport lovers that will be screaming and crying on Super Bowl Sunday. I can never remember if it’s basketball or baseball. But one thing I […]


How to Make Lunch with 81 Calories of Turkey – Turkey Sliders

  Happy 2015! Every year we start out with a fast. This year, we were already doing a juice fast, so we just kept on juicing. Lots of vibrant, green, natural, life giving, nutritionally power-packed, cancer fighting, energizing juices. We also started doing The Perfect Workout. An exercise program that really builds muscle and stimulates […]


Salmon and Spinach Cauliflower Potato Burgers

Healthy but Comfort Food I was trying to think of a healthy dish for my husband and I to take camping with us. I want something special and a treat, but not too far off our dairy free, low calorie diet. We are training for a hike to the top of Rabbit Peak, in Anzo […]


Turkey Burgers with Horseradish Aioli

Make Like a Famous Chef If you like something a little more flavorful than the regular burger, this is the one for you. It will hold up at any summer dinner party or BBQ.  These are a vegetable and flavor packed burger.  The Aioli is really one of the best sauces and it can pair […]