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I am Monica McGuiness, English born and living in my beautiful home in the woods in Connecticut. I also have a Cottage on Lake Ashford, that I rent out on Airbnb. Lucky me!! Helping to make wonderful memories for so many people.

I am a Mum to my perfect little baby teenager who is at Wesleyan University just down the road from me. I am a DIY ‘er, an avid camper and hiker, a gardener, a quilter and woodwork enthusiast and I love to cook and share my passion for eating to prevent disease. I flip houses to pay the bills.

I am so happy that you found your way to my blog. I hope that my recipes inspire you to eat healthy, organic foods and help you to understand that you are in control of your health.

My goal is to bring you exquisite, delicious recipes, that are healthy, gluten and sugar-free, natural, and free of toxins.  My recipes are color, preservative and chemical free and they are all about maintaining good health. You will find everything from vegan, paleo, vegetarian and macrobiotic recipes. Some are a healthy blend of them all.

I want to help you live a more natural life.  I want to use as few processed foods as possible and make the recipes as easy as possible.  I  try to cook using organic ingredients and all my chicken and eggs are free-range and organic.  My fish recipes use wild-caught, sustainable supplies.

Every scrap of my peelings and organic waste goes back into the soil.  I try to keep my carbon footprint to a minimum and waste nothing.

The view from every room of my passive solar house in an enchanted 4-acre wood…


My Brother and Pop’s after eating my broccoli soup.

dad and chis being silly

Made this Zebrawood clock in, 2014.

My Zebra wood clock

Isabella Dog before and after campingBefore and after camping

The Kitchen Carry I made for my cooking equipment for camping

My Kitchen Carry

Poppy. One of the few remaining, truly original, old school chaps with unique oddities and an endearing level of eccentricity.


Camping with my baby teen and the pupsAbout us

860 Pepe

Another Cutie


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