Easy, Healthy, 3 Ingredient Paleo Mayo

A creamy, home made mayonnaise that is easy to make and has only 3 ingredients. There are no preservatives and stabilizers like the store bought, so you can feel good about this healthy dressing. There is nothing like fresh home made mayonnaise. 

3 Ingredient Paleo Mayo

When you don’t have any dairy in your diet, mayonnaise is a wonderful addition. I rarely used it in the past. It just didn’t taste good and I thought it was to was too high in fat.

But home made mayo tastes amazing and this recipe is so easy to make. It has just 3 ingredients!! It’s good on on salads, in coleslawon fish and meat and even on vegetables.

Why is this paleo?

Most of the mayo that you buy in the store is made with canola oil or soybean oil. This recipe is made with high quality virgin olive oil and It is also free of added chemicals. It is all about the quality with paleo. Using the most healthy ingredients. Free range eggs from chickens that are pasture fed and not kept in tiny cages, and the best heart heathy oils. 

My favorite lunch is a bowl of fresh organic green lettuce (or 1 cup broccoli @ 50 cals) with 2 oz smoked salmon, a dollop of mayo and a sprinkle of dill. The salmon is less than only 80 calories, the mayo is 100 and the salad is not worth counting. You have a totally delicious lunch or dinner for under 200 calories. Adding the good fat also helps to fill you up so you stay full for longer. I also added some capers, green onions and fresh dill.

I strongly suggest you add 2 cloves of garlic and seasoning to your mayo. No need to crush the garlic, just throw in a couple of cloves before you blend it.

How about some Hibiscus Tea with your lunch? A delicious drink that helps to maintain blood pressure and lower cholesterol? It is full of health benefits. I make 2 1/2 gallons and keep it in a drinks container in the fridge and add a cup of 100% Cherry fruit juice. Ice cold, vibrantly colored, healthful and fruity tea cocktail, available instantly. 

You can also put all the ingredients into a mason jar and pop a hand blender straight into the jar. Slowly bring the blender up and you will have perfect mayonnaise every time, without the clean up.

3 Ingredient Paleo Mayo


3 Ingredient Paleo Mayo
Recipe type: Dressing
Serves: 1 Cup
  • 1 Cup Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Large Free Range Egg
  • 1 Tbs Lemon Juice
  • (Optional additions: Seasoning, garlic, herbs, parsley cayenne)
  1. Crack egg into a food processor and slowly add oil until it is thick.
  2. Add lemon and any additions and give a couple more pulses.
  3. Store in a mason jar in the fridge.

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